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Reveal Myself?
Would you like to know who Reality Enquirer really is? [112 votes total]

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Don't Care (8)

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Posted By: Reality Enquirer

Posted On: Mar 15, 2010
Views: 1453
No No No

No I am not ToBore or Stacey or Avery.

Sometimes I don't think I am myself.

Hi Fanny!

Posted By: Trainy

Posted On: Mar 13, 2010
Views: 1495

Shiloh I don't have an addy for youuuuuu... how am I gonna find you???

Posted By: fanny

Posted On: Mar 12, 2010
Views: 1526
hi car!

nope, i'm not stacey or avery, but i wonder if E is. LOL

Posted By: car54

Posted On: Mar 12, 2010
Views: 1534
hey fanny!

Are you Stacy and Avery too?

Posted By: fanny

Posted On: Mar 12, 2010
Views: 1547

hey E are you Tobore, too?

Posted By: glenn

Posted On: Mar 12, 2010
Views: 1553

Elite, great reveal and it fits so well. I would love to sit and have a beer and visit with you one day.

Juju my dear, you should have just asked me cause you know I tell you everything. Shame on you for being wary of me.

Posted By: shiloh

Posted On: Mar 12, 2010
Views: 1572
this and that

AngieBaby, can no longer drop by and chat as, how shall I say, my input is no longer appreciated over yonder! ;)

gave you my email addy and am on facebook, why, I have no idea ...

take care

Posted By: Juju

Posted On: Mar 12, 2010
Views: 1584
Apology to Glenn

Well, in retrospect, thinking Reality Fun was Glenn was sort of an insult to Glenn. I did think he might be capable of being that juvenile, while I thought of you as more of an adult. Nevertheless, Reality Fun was a really fun kid.

But I do apologize to Glenn. Or maybe I don't need to apologize, since Reality Fun was also brilliant in a manic, frenetic sort of way, just as the trolls were also brilliant in their own fashion. Thinking it through ... nope, nope, apology warranted because believing it was Glenn made me a little more wary of him. Huh!

Have to admit I always thought both Reality Trash and Reality Enquirer were female.

Posted By: car54

Posted On: Mar 12, 2010
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I think i realized it could be you during Tobor's quest to find Reality and someone else kind of helped Tobor realize he needed to drop it....and the way you did it kind of told me you and RE had somethng in common. i think i asked you jokingly if you had anything to do with RE once and you didn't answer.

everyone else seemed so sure RE was a woman that i never pushed it, but you were always my first choice after that time.

all the Reality Trash stuff is before my time as was the Game, etc...but I've heard the stories and it all makes total sense to me now.

Posted By: Reality Enquirer

Posted On: Mar 12, 2010
Views: 1580
Hi Hi

Hey Juju and Car - glad to see you around!

So disappointed in you Juju thinking RealityFun was Glenn - but of course I couldn't say anything.

I really thought the people at Elites TV knew it was me - especially when BBVoyeur and Tobor pinpointed me in Friendswood. I just thought you were humoring me by not saying it out loud.

I am pretty sure Spamgirl knew who I was - she was way smarter than me when I started Reality Trash and I am sure she matched my IP address from emails. Flint from TVClubhouse also had the chance to know, but not sure if he did. He also gave me the advice to "never tell who you are". I pretty much kept that advice over the years.

I guess there are still a few loose ends to clean up - guess a few more blog entries to go.

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