How excited are you to see Takers? Will you go see it opening weekend? [180 votes total]

Excited: Will see it at midnight (42)
Excited: Opening weekend (74)
Excited: Will see it a week later (18)
Sort of: Will see it at midnight (1)
Sort of: Opening weekend (1)
Sort of: Will see it a week later (7)
No: Not my type of movie (7)
Not in my country yet (30)

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Posted By: shanda

Posted On: Aug 19, 2010
Views: 516
seeing takers

Going to see the movie takers. the first weekend.To see Hayden and all the cast. And it looks good!

Posted By: lois

Posted On: Aug 18, 2010
Views: 529

Going to see it on opening weekend. And the next week after that. Can't wait!

Posted By: Rita from Rome

Posted On: Aug 13, 2010
Views: 643
excited to see Takers

I'm already SOO EXICITED to see takers, but in italy I'll be able to see it only on december! SIGH!!! BTW I'll see it during the first weekend when it will be released! SURE!!!