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What is your freuency of wearing panties [1049 votes total]

Never (111)
Once a year (43)
Once a month (159)
once a week on average (145)
more than once a week (202)
daily (389)

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Posted By: Agwwgp

Posted On: Apr 8, 2014
Views: 2078
About men getting a panty spanking

I think it's very erotic to be spanked while wearing panties over the knee of my lady. It just makes it a little more humiliating and embarrassing. All in a good way, of course. You're letting go all of your dignity as a man to showing you're submissive softer side in your panties and bra. Kinda like what some women like doing if there man wanted them to be submissive, and dressed in very little of clothing.
To many people like the bare bottom spanking. I really hate that! I really want to see wife's/girlfriends dressed sexy or in lingerie, with their husband/boyfriend over her lap wearing panties and a bra getting spanked with her hand. Not a whip or the back of a hairbrush. But unfortunately people prefer bare bottom spanking.
I want to experience the humiliating and embarrassment getting spanked in thin silky panties. Let the guy who wishes to feel the experience. What does it feel like being in a vulnerable position like this. Not getting beaten physically or assaulted. Just consensual panty spanking in her lap in the middle of the room in a chair with no arm rests. I mean, come on that's erotic by itself. Of course I wouldn't want a long or very hard at all spanking. Just enough to feel very little of warmth with very little pain.