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Posted By: Al Thomas

Posted On: Apr 11, 2017
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Good pizza

Love the new crust flavors

Posted By: Michelle Wilson

Posted On: Jun 16, 2015
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Displeased customer

Last night I attended a training session sponsored by my employer that focused on marketing. We had just finished a module on the customer-centric company and learned topics like long-term customer value, exceptional customer service, effective handling of customer complaints, and the use and benefits of social media in reaching customers. We also learned that our company must be very cognizant of our brand’s reputation and that customers can create either good buzz or bad buzz, depending on the “customer experience”. We broke for dinner and our trainer ordered pizza for us.

THAT customer service experience gave us one of the greatest lessons and applications of what any business SHOULD NOT DO to their customers. Mistakes are inevitable and human error is forgivable. However, when an error is compounded by employee arrogance, indifference, and disrespect, it should not be tolerated but should be shared as a cautionary tale.

Our story goes like this. Our trainer placed an online, carry-out order for a large pizza, mozzarella sticks, and a big chocolate chip cookie, from a large national pizza chain.
He sent one of our team members to pick up the order. When that team member returned, one of the items was missing. We jokingly accused him of eating them, but he never received them. We checked the receipt and were charged for them, so our trainer called the restaurant. An employee answered and immediately placed him on hold (it was about 8:30pm). The trainer waited about 5 minutes, hung-up and called back. The same employee again answered and our trainer explained the blunder, the employee found the missing mozzarella sticks, and our trainer asked that they just deliver the item. We were about 2 miles away. The employee said, “Can’t do it” and “I’ll just credit you on your next visit”. Never did he say any of the things we learned such as, “What can I do to make this right for you, sir?” Our trainer explained that we really just wanted the item, did not want a credit but the food, and that he felt it was the store’s error to own up to and to make right by delivering. The employee literally yelled, “You should have looked at the food before you left the restaurant and I am not going to deliver it”. Our trainer by this point was livid, and said, “listen smart-*%$, it was your mistake, make it right”. He then asked for the manager and was informed that he was speaking to the manager all the time.

We did not get the purchased food or any satisfaction. Our take-away from this bad experience was that this is no way to run a pizza restaurant and no way to treat customers. We were all tasked with writing up the scenario and asked what we could learn from the experience. Perhaps you have had other applicable lessons of Customer Disservice and Customer Devaluation at this PIZZA HUT, STORE # 004734, LOCATED AT 1103 SW OLDHAM PARKWAY, LEE’S SUMMIT, MO 64063.

PS: Here is, in part, Pizza Hut’s commitment to customer service from their website:

And every step of the way, we’ve remained committed to making the best food and providing the highest level of service. Our goal is, Great taste, easy ordering options and super service. Pizza Hut.

Posted By: ndpmom

Posted On: May 14, 2013
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Best Pizza

I have always been a fan of Pizza Hut! My favorite is the pan Supreme pizza! My whole family enjoys it ~

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