Little Caesars Pizza
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Posted By: Larry

Posted On: Apr 8, 2013
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Little Ceasar's

Just tried the new deep deep dish and hated it big big time.
Brought up with REAL Detroit style pizza this one is a joke and choke.
Fake carmelized cheese corners, nothing but dough and the same annoying tomatoe sauce that drove us away Little Ceasars in the first place.

Posted By: laura corpron

Posted On: Dec 31, 2011
Views: 1289

the pizza and breadsticks were fenominal i just love em and the price is affordable

Posted By: Jimi James

Posted On: Jun 10, 2011
Views: 1509
Middletown, Ohio

The Middletown Ohio Little Caesars is the WORST pizza place if you are expecting good customer service! The store closes at 10pm. I arrived at 9:56pm. The person at the drive thru said we are closed. Now mind you they had 2 cars already in line. Again I will reiterate they close at 10pm. They refused to serve me saying they were closed. I called them spoke to the manager and the manager said they couldn't take orders after 10pm because their computers shut down. Well it was only 9:56pm I called the general mgr the next morning. He stated that he would check into it and if needed he would make sure it was delt with. He NEVER tried to fix my problem. If you want pizza in Middletown go to Marco's, They gave me a hell of a deal a 16 piece pizza for 6 bucks! I will NEVER go back to Little Caesars!