Knife or scissors?
What cutting tool do you prefer? [167 votes total]

Knife only. (41)
Scissors only. (22)
Mostly a knife, sometimes scissors. (52)
Mostly scissors, sometimes a knife. (49)
Cutting plotter machine. (3)
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Posted By: wildman

Posted On: Mar 28, 2011
Views: 1070

Scissors are faster and more precise.
Knives are only for itty bitty cuts
or something to bring if you forgot to bring your gun to the Fight!

Posted By: Jouzu

Posted On: Mar 18, 2011
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Both are important!

Hi everyone,

for me both tools are inportant. I always use a x-acto knife (#11) to cut out glue flaps. But lines without flaps are for the scissors.


Because in my opinion you can do the most exactly cuts with scissors only. When i cut out lines without glue flaps i also "cut away" the outer black line to give the model a more smoother look later. And thats a step you can do better with scissors.

Posted By: Didier Bretin

Posted On: Mar 18, 2011
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Cutter index

Personnaly I use know this tool:

I like it a lot. It's very easy to use for the curved pieces.

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