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Driving around Anaheim is more difficult than one might expect. Do you feel Anaheim, California is safe for drivers? [5 votes total]

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Posted By: Debra L. Davis.

Posted On: Sep 25, 2011
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Death of Wes Davis...7/29/11

This woman who came up behind Wes Davis vehicle. He was a Pastor. He never drank, smoked, only taught about his Lord from the ages between 4-23. When this woman was speeding and did not break or slow down for him. The Police said they had to wait for several weeks to catch Wes. case. They don't work weekend or holiday and there were 4 fatalies before his but they felt he might be charged. She never tried to stop, but she did knock him into oncoming traffic and there are 2 witnesses on each side, so why Wes fault. Did they check to she was she was driving around 70 mph. And the police said they were giving here a ten mile over the speed limit. Why. She killed my son, ended my direct blood line. There will be no grandchildren. He has a widow, she has medical bills. Unpaid. She tore his car in half and then flipped over the car. That is speeding with no regaurd to Wes and His beloved wife Allie. I can hardly speak his name, he was a talented musican w/ a cd out. Where did she have to go that was so important to speed and ruin so many lives.He was my only child after 14 misc. She took and with that she took our whole reason for living. I can bearly even say the name of the child I loved so much. I cannot bear to listen he his new cd. I think you don't care, you were in a hurry and you killed my son. I think you should pay monies and you should go to prison. Why do the police give you any free passes for passes. If people speed, they always get tickets. Not rewards, your town is terrible and hide killers. Give me back my precious son back and go kill another. I have no one to love. You took him. Debra Davis .....Mother of Wes Davis The cops even said bust time they had 4 DWI before you. You never drank, yelled at your mother and were in love with you wife Allie Davis, you both had a year. I feel like you killed us all. Thank you, Debbie Davis

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