What do you think? Jameson vs. Tia
If Jameson and Tia have a third catfight who do you think will win. [545 votes total]

Jameson (236)
Tia (292)
Please leave a comment as to why and what you would like to see (17)

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Posted By: Kevin

Posted On: Feb 6, 2023
Views: 117
No rules catfight

I think that it would be exciting to watch these lovely ladies in a no rules catfight. The good dirty (ie scratching, biting,breast and crotch attacks) tactics usually are left out of most catfight vids. How could it be a real fight if rules are in place?

Posted By: Catball Fan

Posted On: Feb 5, 2021
Views: 513
Jameson vs. Tia

Let the next match be a tight hairpulling rolling catball. Have them start with an argument of some sort; then have them fall onto the ground pulling hair while rolling down a hill; transition the catball catfight inside a house living room setting with more back & forth rolling.

Posted By: Michael

Posted On: Oct 25, 2015
Views: 2079

i would like to see them go at it in low rise jeans and spaghetti strap clingy cropped tops without bras. I'd like to see them getting aroused knowing how hot they look and knowing how many guys they are turning on.

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