Where Will Boston Finish In The AL East?
With a bit more than a month until Truck Day, where will the Sox finish? [122 votes total]

First (15)
Second (37)
Third (32)
Fourth (24)
Last (14)

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Posted By: Joe Pickering Jr.

Posted On: Jan 2, 2013
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Finishing 3rd for 2013

We Red Sox Fans will be lucky to see our Red Sox come in 3rd in 2013. A cellar dweller in 2012 is unlikely to soar to 1st or 2nd. Besides the Red Sox did not sign another Babe Ruth in his Prime not another Ted Williams..if there is such a brilliant opportunity. Sd got pitching, there is no pitcher that has the killer instinct of a Curt Shilling. So, 3rd in 2013 is the best we can expect. Hope this does not mean the end of the streak of filling every Fenway Seat. The Red Sox will need the money to buy itself into First place in its Division.