Red Sox And Tanaka?
Should Red Sox aggressively pursue Masahiro Tanaka? [90 votes total]

Yes (56)
No (30)
Not Sure (4)

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Posted By: P. Kaplan

Posted On: December 31st
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Bid for Tanaka

The Red Sox Re the reigning World Champs. This is a factor that distinguishes it from everyone else. It is an advantage that's we do not know when it will occur again. It is also generally accepted that the team needs to refresh its player roster every year. As the saying goes past performance is no guarantee for future performance. Tanaka would be a good investment at 25 and it would also mean the Red Sox would not have to face him. It would count as good defensive baseball as well. But most importantly it would be an investment in the strength of the team- pitching. It would enable the team to trade other pitchers and open up the possibility for trades in other positions.