TOP 10 FootKings
Who are your fav Masters from the Top 51-60 [427 votes total]

AlphaJamie (50)
ScandiAlpha (41)
Brad (47)
Damon (43)
Atzacka (41)
Julius (37)
MasterBrent (43)
MasterPaul (39)
MasterNey (40)
Hause (46)

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Posted By: King

Posted On: April 11th
Views: 525

thanx fore the info will make him C rated

Posted By: Footslave

Posted On: April 10th
Views: 532

Sent a lot of money to Jaques like he told me to on Skype and he has stopped speaking to me. Avoid him.

Posted By: Footslavery

Posted On: Nov 19, 2017
Views: 1186
The top masters

If I were to choose between the top foot masters taking into account how good they and their feet look but also their character and how versed they are in making fag drop to his knees in servitude. I would select the following:

- Shao for having literally one of the best feet I have seen and dominant personality.
- Octavius for having beautiful and soft feet

I will share more soon.

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