TOP 10 FootKings
Who are your fav Masters from the Top 10? [1388 votes total]

MasterCaramel (153)
MasterStero (136)
Prollmaster (124)
Asmodian (131)
MasterXander (122)
Pdiddy (146)
Alpha777 (148)
Jaden (142)
DomMaster22 (162)
MasterTako (124)

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Posted By: mastertim

Posted On: February 21st
Views: 275

Poll results are like this JuryVotes a slave or master say his top masternames, then open poll votes, then awards depends when a footking do new stuff or is special in the end that makes the fullpoints, check on results (navigation) how it comes that a master has this position, if you want me to explain it more my skype=footkings

Posted By: Rami

Posted On: February 19th
Views: 278
Unfair results

I follow the votes daily and they are different from the results.. some masters had more votes but you don’t see them on top..

Posted By: mastertim

Posted On: February 16th
Views: 349

nope fair democratic election there are in top 10 masters I not like full results will be post soon

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