TOP 10 FootKings
Who are your fav Masters from the Top 10? [1205 votes total]

KingHampton (148)
MasterCaramel (150)
Gerard (117)
MasterStero (123)
Jaden (111)
Pdiddy (122)
SirShao (116)
ProllMaster (96)
Jordi (105)
MasterGhal (117)

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Posted By: Terry Brown

Posted On: February 5th
Views: 511
Master Stero is still the BOSS!

He was the first master I found that was worth sending my money to. He is just as impressive today, possibly more so because his experience over the years has made him a more powerful and supreme Master.

Posted By: Clive Wright

Posted On: January 20th
Views: 879
King Alex

King Alex always photographs and films with something covering his stomach these days. Maybe a few more sit ups needed to be no 1 again?

Posted By: Jed Conti

Posted On: January 15th
Views: 983
King Alex

King Alex remains the best all time Master in my estimation. I desire to serve under His Godly feet always. He deserves the very best from all His devoted slaves

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