TOP 10 FootKings
Who are your fav Masters from the Top 11-20 [864 votes total]

KingAlex (90)
ItalianPrince (95)
Ghal (87)
RyanSize15 (98)
SkaterKyle (80)
Jordi (88)
Alphadom (81)
MajestyAmar (75)
MasterTako (81)
Gerard (89)

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Posted By: Drew

Posted On: June 17th
Views: 159
Master Fabien

As a slave of Master Fabien who has been under his feet, who worshipped and serviced them, I can say that be is the true alpha. He has complete ownership of me, both physically and mentally.

Posted By: Jed

Posted On: May 27th
Views: 284
Master Alex

Yes I agree. Master Alex is the greatest dominant. I readily submit to him

Posted By: JoeBlow

Posted On: March 28th
Views: 728
King Hampton


King Hampton has that indescribable , elusive yet hard as steel essence of MAN. You have to excuse me for saying it like this , but I don’t spread the toe jam if boys or wanna be’s on my biscuits. Never margarine - never Memorex, alwAys real butter and all the way live !


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