TOP 10 FootKings
Who are your fav Masters from the Top 41-50 [552 votes total]

MasterLion (63)
Kayden (59)
Lucas (51)
RussianGod (54)
AndyMarllow (56)
MasterSole (55)
MaterZeuz (53)
CzechGod (66)
MasterEbony (43)
MasterJaxx (52)

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Posted By: Jed Conti

Posted On: Nov 19, 2017
Views: 1330

The greatest Master ever. I was once His slave and now deeply regret moving out of His service

Posted By: Master HAUSE

Posted On: Feb 2, 2017
Views: 2545

Why do I not have the most votes yet? All of you weak faggots know whose the best alpha in Michigan, obviously me! So start voting and make me get to the top 10


Posted On: Jan 5, 2017
Views: 1925
How perfect I am

All of you pathetic losers need to vote for me, my picture tht is posted is from awhile back and if you want to see the new me vote for me and then add me on skype to serve under those soles, you all know your place when I'm talking!!!

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