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Will the Holness' Gov't's new taxes drive up inflation? [593 votes total]

Yes (418)
No (143)
Maybe (32)

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Posted By: bunni2bad

Posted On: April 2nd
Views: 449
buying votes with tax dollars.

This was bound to happen, when a political party would use the peoples tax dollars to buy votes. then turn around and raise tax to pay the the tax debt. but every one seem happy for there is no complain, Maybe it is more acceptable than buying rum in bars and make work projects and hire only their party supporters.
Jamaica is going to have one hell ever bolder to push.

Posted By: Andrine

Posted On: March 20th
Views: 1067
Tax Break

This could have been increased gradually until it reached $1.5M and the government had said there would be no increase in taxes to fund same

Posted By: angella

Posted On: March 19th
Views: 1149
Tax break

Now unuh haffe suffer fi di election taxbreak unuh get. Nothing is free