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Should the age of consent be raised to 18? [532 votes total]

Yes (417)
No (104)
Undecided (11)

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Posted By: Rich

Posted On: Jun 3, 2017
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It is hypocritical to have the legal age to get married as 18 but the age to be sexually active is 16!

What message are we sending to our young people? - You're too young to be in a committed relationship but you are old enough to deal with the associated physical and emotional effects of sex?!

Posted By: Enabdo Sharples

Posted On: May 19, 2017
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Age of consent

Dear all,

Please stop trying to regain your own youth by infantilising your sixteen-year-old sons and, even more importantly, daughters.

How can you ever expect them to grow up when you won't let them?

This is NOT the Nineteenth century and we are proud Jamaicans, NOT Victorian British!!!

Come on everybody, let's kiss goodbye to the bossy prudes who want to reduce our wonderful island life to grey, Trump-fuelled misery, and get back to living! :-D