Best Body
Who has the hottest body? [255 votes total]

Absolut (21)
Jaden (40)
Sultan (31)
Viking (21)
Caramel (69)
CashGod (10)
RussianGod (20)
NothernAlpha (30)
JaquesHunk (13)

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Posted By: Footslavery

Posted On: November 19th
Views: 46
About Master Viking

It’s only fitting that some masters appeal more than others. Master biking is one of those masters who you would feel weak looking and admiring his perfect bare soles. That’s until he starts talking and you would change your mind about him in a beat. Moral is some try too hard and ruin what could be a great money milking experience for them. I guess this is something learned with experience and after a while masters improve.

Posted By: Jed Conti

Posted On: November 19th
Views: 48

I would happily serve CashGod as His finslave to use me as He wishes

Posted By: pup

Posted On: May 23, 2017
Views: 328

VIKING is another category of awesome best bodies... love the MU$CLE VIKING VIDS... Beastful...