Best Body
Who has the hottest body? [548 votes total]

Absolut (44)
Jaden (112)
Sultan (64)
MasterLion (55)
Caramel (113)
CashGod (21)
RussianGod (48)
NothernAlpha (50)
JaquesHunk (41)

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Posted By: Anon

Posted On: May 5th
Views: 103

Jacques is an asshole and overpriced boring show.
ECW or whoever tf he is writes you off for one mistake yrs. prior
TrueGod is amazing.

Posted By: Jed Conti

Posted On: Nov 19, 2017
Views: 474

I would happily serve CashGod as His finslave to use me as He wishes

Posted By: pup

Posted On: May 23, 2017
Views: 754

VIKING is another category of awesome best bodies... love the MU$CLE VIKING VIDS... Beastful...