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Will the new police strategy curb murders in Jamaica? [627 votes total]

Yes (136)
No (491)

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Posted By: orville cuff

Posted On: Aug 4, 2017
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crime in jamaica

Crime can only be controlled in Jamaica if a special investigating unit is been created. This unit must be created in the uttermost on secrecy; Its main function is to investigate all the politicians past and present, dead or alive for attachment to criminal activities .

In the event of any wrong doings put them before the courts. If found guilty life in prison.

Posted By: Michael Galloway

Posted On: Jul 27, 2017
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Crime and violence

Crime can be curved, if all Jamaicans can stand up and say enough is enough. However Crime will not curved if we continue to have corrupt Politicians, Police men, and those who tend to do us harm. if the Politicians and the Police Force can stand up together and look in the eyes of the Jamaican people and say we are apart of the problem. The Government and the people that are in charge need to come up with solutions that make sense. The politician and the Police Force helps to breed crime and violence in some of the volatile areas of Jamaica, I am 100% sure of that. A leader is one who can influence anyone to do what they would not want to do. Where are our leaders of today?

Posted By: Truth Hurts

Posted On: Jul 23, 2017
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Root Of All Evil

For a plan to work to curb crime in Jamaica;(1) we need to redundant our present police officers, every single one, and rebuild a police force with regular Jamaicans under a stricter code of conduct. It will cost a lot to get done but life is more valuable than toll roads (although needed) and some other things the country is spending big on these days. (2) Create jobs in the rural areas (stop congesting the main towns). (3) Ensure all citizens have a housing solution as early as they leave high school (of all the land 'sold' to the Chinese to facilitate the roads, if I had a little hut, They would have to pay me for it and NHT get their share and I get a proper house). (4) If politicians are still facilitating criminals, in any way, they need to stop or when caught 'hang until dead'. (5)Encourage early supervised weapons familiarization from grades 7 and up(it's an exciting piece of tool that will fascinate youths so teach them about it the right way). (6) Help the poor defend themselves, they are the ones being killed the most and most of them were unarmed when killed. (7) Regulate the population, encourage only married couples to reproduce and outlaw divorce to couples with children still in school, unless sanctioned by the divorce court after counseling.

Seven can be revised.

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