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Will the new police strategy curb murders in Jamaica? [139 votes total]

Yes (18)
No (121)

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Posted By: Duke Of Earle Caribbean Voice LLC

Posted On: yesterday
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Crime in Jamaica

No way. this will solve crime, what they need is strong legislation measures, like someone assault a law enforcement Officer (10) years, shoot at a Police officer (25) years, Wounding a police officer using a Gun (50) years and killing an officer Death Penalty parole after serving (40) years. same should go toward a normal citizen. Found with al illegal Gun life imprisonment.
Aiding and abetting to any of the above mention crime same as the person that commit the crime, time for serious action to be taken.
Finally time to use injection, Electrocution, or Guillotine to get rid of the barbaric criminals.

Posted By: Bakerman

Posted On: yesterday
Views: 55
Insane murders

Politicians started this culture of murder and mayhem, where the ends justify the means, and human life is a mere obstacle to be surpassed.

They nurtured and shielded criminals from prosecution, or any consequences from their actions, making some of these murderers into over-glorified, anti-heroes, regardless of the horror of their crimes.

Now 'the chickens have come home to roost', so to speak, and the survival of Jamaica as a healthy, independent state, is now at grave risk. These serious circumstances have no easy solutions now that 'Pandora's Box' has been opened, which will require a miracle to undo.

Posted By: Kim

Posted On: 2 days ago
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Police strategy to curb murder

For the love of God, this needs to work! Gang bangers & ignorance behind guns, are wiping out family's. It's got to stop.Every street needs protection from these wicked devils.Drastic change needs to be done, NOW. Lot of new hotels up all over, tourism down. Jamaicans that live abroad, don't want to go back to visit family. How much more can the good people, that just want to live in peace and watch kids play outside? End the Madness!