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Would Jamaica be better off had it remained a British colony? [490 votes total]

Yes (331)
No (135)
Undecided (24)

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Posted By: paddy

Posted On: 9 days ago
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Remote outpost

Jamaica started its real development after independence. Unfortunately, some cruel politicians put their personal ambitions ahead of the country's interest, and embraced criminals openly.
I don't think Britain wanted Jamaica as part of its sovereignty either, as Jamaicans had started serious resistance to the British Crown government, especially in the form of a new rastafarian movement. There was even an armed clash between a British Home Regiment and rastas, resulting in British soldiers being killed. The roots of Jamaica's problems had begun way before independence.

Posted By: DeAnne

Posted On: 11 days ago
Views: 901
Under British rule -never again

Colonization was never an ideal in many regards because no colony is ever a priority for the "Mother country". The things which would make Jamaica better off is to stop the rampant corruption in our Politics, Contracts, Customs & imports and all spheres of Government. Also addressing archaic laws & more judicial efficiency will do. Less government red tape on a whole and reestablishing good family values and strong subsistence because our island is blessed.Stop looking back and look forward.

Posted By: Romain

Posted On: 12 days ago
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Jamaica Remaining a British Colony

I do believe we would be better off if we were still a British Colony. Why? I believe there would be less corruption as the leaders would have to be more responsible in carrying out their duties as they would have to answer to a higher body. Secondly, Instead of us begging the IMF for bail outs we could possibly get aid from Britain. Lastly, we would possibly be using the British currency which has a lot more value than the Jamaican dollar. Colonization though reminds me too much of slavery so I do not welcome it, however, let us not throw in the towels as yet, let us hope that we get a true leader someday hopefully not too late that will bring about change for the better and he/she will be supported by a team who also wants change, as well as get the support of the citizens to work together to implement these changes and recover our economy and put Jamaica back on the map because we have sunken.