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Would Jamaica be better off had it remained a British colony? [2042 votes total]

Yes (1411)
No (520)
Undecided (111)

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Posted By: Facts are a stubborn thing

Posted On: September 8th
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Are Jamaicans still going to the Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, and Bermuda for work to send remittances?

What are the standards of living and GDP per capita today on these British overseas territories, that were once ruled from an office in Kingston?

How has the percentage in crime statistics today in Jamaica changed vs 55 years ago?

Let us not ignore economic logic for political opinions any further in Jamaica. Had Jamaica retained if only the British pound (currency) alone and went along with independence, the standard of living and future for every Jamaican child today would be far brighter than it is today.

Factors of production are land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. Islands that have distances averaging only a few hundred miles with no resources, but good governance, are reversing this equation and are able to absorb talent from Jamaica that has far more natural resources and a population exceeding two million.

Posted By: Robert

Posted On: September 6th
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Be modern

Colonialization is from times gone by. Jamaica should be proud of its independence and independence movement. The UK has plenty of bad experiences from this bygone era.
In the case of Cayman isn't that island highly discriminate about who lives there and money influences decision making. That not right.

Posted By: Talk truth

Posted On: August 31st
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Yea mi know Jamaicans are a proud set a people, so let mi help unno answer truthfully and free unno consciences.
Would it have been worse?
Would it have been the same?

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