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Should The Government Scrap Future Purchases Of Used Cars For The Police? [6687 votes total]

Yes (3109)
No (2573)
Undecided (1005)

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Posted By: douglas bruce gooden

Posted On: 11 days ago
Views: 463
purchase of used cars for police work

these units are not designed for the rigors of the hard work necessary for police cars running twenty four seven

Posted By: Hylton Josephs

Posted On: August 21st
Views: 7186
Use cars

My contention is , a police is likely to be involve in a high speed chase , the drive have no history if this car so apart from chasing criminals he is worried about a crash.

Posted By: daneroy moore

Posted On: August 5th
Views: 7892
Used car for police

Yes this programme may sound good, but the undisclosed truth is those cars will come with earlier maintenance cost. So over the duration we will spend more on used car personal opinion is to buy new cars use them for 2 years then sell them back. The funds redeem from those used cars sales can add to the purchase of new cars. Selling cars earlier than later with a honest dealer will save on repair cost similar to the renta car companies models. This will allow our government eventually buy more vehicles ..

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