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Should The Government Scrap Future Purchases Of Used Cars For The Police? [3831 votes total]

Yes (1840)
No (1576)
Undecided (415)

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Posted By: h.thomas

Posted On: June 29th
Views: 520
used car for police force

Used cars cost less than new cars so you get more cars for the same monetary outlay . These carscan perform to the same standard as previous batches of police service vehicles.Save some money and buy them off the lots .

Posted By: Owen

Posted On: June 15th
Views: 1227
Used car to rescue

Whether new or used the destroyers will have taxpayers money wrecked in a few months. With proper care and maintenance the used cars are just fine, I bought my used car 2005 and it has never let me down.Reason being, care and maintenance. Buy used, buy more, less expense & more mobility.

Posted By: leroy robinson

Posted On: June 3rd
Views: 1740
Government purchase of use cars

Why not purchase the used cars already in the island from the local car dealers. I didn't get it the first time when the security ministry opted to seek these cars overseas. Aren't the use cars being sold by the local dealers fit for government purchase?

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