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Should The Government Scrap Future Purchases Of Used Cars For The Police? [7304 votes total]

Yes (3398)
No (2781)
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Posted By: Alan Searchwell

Posted On: March 5th
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Used cars for police

Only departments or stations with a proven track record of not destroying vehicles should be assigned new vehicles. It is depressing to see the condition of some police vehicles that are relatively new but have evidence of multiple collisions.

These vehicles are destroyed long before they get old so what is the point of assigning brand new vehicles, when it is likely they are going to look like junk in short order? What is so special about the vehicles used by the police? They appear to be no more rugged than ordinary cars, certainly not more rugged than the vehicles being overloaded every day as taxis.

Posted By: douglas bruce gooden

Posted On: Jan 11, 2019
Views: 3514
purchase of used cars for police work

these units are not designed for the rigors of the hard work necessary for police cars running twenty four seven

Posted By: Hylton Josephs

Posted On: Aug 21, 2018
Views: 10237
Use cars

My contention is , a police is likely to be involve in a high speed chase , the drive have no history if this car so apart from chasing criminals he is worried about a crash.

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