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Should The Government Scrap Future Purchases Of Used Cars For The Police? [2965 votes total]

Yes (1431)
No (1253)
Undecided (281)

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Posted By: ouglasbstagooden

Posted On: May 5th
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Government equipment a procurement

The equipment that the government of Jamaica uses cannot be simply bought off the shelf for use. That is the worst value for money approach from those who should know better. All police equipment are usually made to a higher rigorous standard for the extensive arduous application that has to be the norm for this type of application. An to think that anyone thinks that any such piece of equipment found in any lot can met the rigors of police work is obviously attracted by the immediate glitter and sensation of moment without any real regard. Government required real planning and real execution for our real development to benefit all of us especially when really needed. The life you save may just be your own.

Posted By: Enriquel

Posted On: April 26th
Views: 1163
Cheap Government

I think they should buy new cars for our police force officers if they cant do that then why are we all paying taxes for as far as I can see we have a cheap government

Posted By: Bernard

Posted On: April 24th
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Seek Free Education Access with Reparation Money

Instead of battling forever for a few/lots more dollars to mishandle/runwid/mismanage.
Then ask/seek free education from the offending country(ies) to provide free tertiary education via full scholarships (tuition, materials, traveling, meals & accommodations included) to persons in affected countries for minimum 20 years and like 75,000 - 100,000 persons per year.

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