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Are you surprised with the results of the Portland Eastern by-election ? [362 votes total]

Yes (74)
No (242)
Undecided (46)


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Posted By: CircleSquare

Posted On: April 23rd
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Gleaner Web poll

No, the JLP Mrs. Vaz has been working in that constituency for over two years, plus with the money, JLP pumped this by-election. So the JLP win was sure, however, the PNP did well compare to the JLP

Posted By: labordon from south manchester

Posted On: April 22nd
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prosperity at work

Congrat team prosperity look out Westmoreland we are coming south west clarendon ne st Elizabeth west st Andrew and all the rest of Jamaica that continue voting for the wicked pnp team

Posted By: parakeet

Posted On: April 20th
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Fake media

The popularity of the incoming MP seems to have been grossly exaggerated by the polls, and by the overwhelming activity on social media.
One would have expected a near landslide win, at the very least, rather than the ultra-slim majority obtained in the elections. All this, after much effort at meeting the public, and chastising of the PNP's candidate.
Social media has altered the dynamics that once governed politics, and as a result politicians have to be now prepared to compete in this new forum, as well as the more traditional ones.

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