Queer Ducks 2019

How do you feel about the blanket term "queer" for homosexuals?
(Choose the most fitting option)
[135 votes total]

Queer is best (8)
Queer is Ok, but Gay is better (78)
Queer is totally unacceptable (49)
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Posted By: Ted

Posted On: Feb 20, 2020
Views: 357
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Posted By: Ted

Posted On: Feb 20, 2020
Views: 356

Yesterday a member asked me to poll you on your attitude toward being called “queer” rather than “gay.”
It’s seems ‘queer’ is  becoming quite acceptable to some. To me it’s one of those terms that got directed at me by my own father, 
along with ‘fag’ and ‘poofter’. They were hurtful then, and they are hurtful now, 60 years later, and that hurt will never go away.
These days I don’t mind being called ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ (but never “homo’) but I still shudder at ‘queer’.
Give us your opinions on your attitude to ‘queer’!

Posted By: John45

Posted On: Feb 20, 2020
Views: 355

I grew up with the word "queer" as a insult, put down, yet today I prefer the word  "Queer"  over the alphabet soup of letters.
The soup covers all the modern terminology that most of us can not remember what they mean.

Posted By: Jake2063

Posted On: Feb 20, 2020
Views: 354

to me, queer is in the same category as faggot, c-cksvcker and Cum dumpster.  They are all meant to be condescending and a put-down. Yet if a Hetero-man's wife or girlfriend swallows his cum that makes her a great catch and not a cum dumpster.  He might use that term with his buddies about his wife of girl, but my guess if he calls her that, it will more than likely be the very last time he gets oral sex from her... So there is the condescending factor there.
I am bi, but I would rather be called gay or a homosexual than queer or a ****er.  
That was like the ultimate insult to a guy in the 50s and 60s... to be called a queer.  I'm from the US so the 'poofer' term is more English or Aussie, I think.  But I could be wrong.

Posted By: eqp1959

Posted On: Feb 20, 2020
Views: 352

I identify as QUEER, not queer but QUEER, loud and proud.  Gay just seems too polite, whereas QUEER is in your face.  I was too young to be a part of Stonewall, but I was sexually aware and I remember the chants, "We're here, we're QUEER...get used to it!"  For younger generations, Pride is a reason to party and not to remember those who rose up to give us the freedom we enjoy and yet, the fight is far from over.

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