September 2023 Model Vote
Who are your favorite models this issue and what new models should we shoot?? [458 votes total]

Ekah Love (31)
TaylorJonesXoXo (16)
Bryanna Ivy (24)
Zara Go (36)
Chakra Redd (17)
Kiki Lee (8)
Mizz Jada Thyck (41)
Ryan Smiles (20)
SugLips (22)
Nina Swaggz (10)
Queen DLish (15)
PrettyAssKilo (10)
Brittish Heavens (20)
GogoFukme (8)
Mixx Passion (10)
Asia Lovey (28)
Asia Perez (25)
ButterRicannn (6)
Pinky XXX (24)
SecretCurvz (18)
TheMixedPretty (35)
ThickNayNeezy (10)
ThixenVixen (6)
Zaemia (18)


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Posted By: ronnyfromNJ

Posted On: October 7th
Views: 25
what's going on?

Finding it pathetic that we have to wait till Oct 7th for the new issue to come out.

Should be out October 1st...

Is there a reason for this,
or are you waiting for other memberships to run out? So they have to pay again for access, if this is the case other members shouldn't have to wait for the new updates.

I might be just assuming this. But I strongly think this is the case unless your are on Vacation. But this is not the first time this has happened. In fact last month we waited till the 5th. So you can say you cannot say I'm prejudice.

Posted By: Black Mamba

Posted On: October 4th
Views: 49
Oct Issue

Oct issue when? At least give us some models that will be in it

Posted By: Asia's Fan

Posted On: October 3rd
Views: 60
Needs the Asia's Back

Asia Perez and Lovely need to come back.

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