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When will most expert-level Predictive Analytics/Data Science tasks - currently done by human Data Scientists - be automated: [197 votes total]

Now (it already happened) (12)
in 1-2 years (7)
in 2-5 years (22)
in 5-10 years (64)
in 10-20 years (32)
in 20-50 years (13)
it will take more than 50 years (12)
never (35)

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Posted By: katharina morik

Posted On: 6 days ago
Views: 275
expert level analysis

The answer to the question depends on the definition of "expert-level analysis". More and more subtsaks have been made available for automatic processing. However, the expert-level is exactly above. Hence, expert-level analysis becomes more and more demanding until it covers all science and philosophy. At this ultimate point, I doubt robots or other machines can operate without any expert-level above. But. I admit, this is then mere guessing.

Posted By: Thomas W Dinsmore

Posted On: 6 days ago
Views: 320
Automating Data Science

It's fair to say that some data science tasks are automated today and some will never be automated. The key words, of course, are "expert level"


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