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Will Artificial Intelligence be a threat to Humanity? [270 votes total]

Yes (106)
No (128)
Not sure (36)

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Posted By: Gregory Piatetsky, Editor

Posted On: 2 days ago
Views: 144
Humans are not Intelligence alone

Mike, what is to prevent intelligence without human ethical values to destroy all humans, because they consume precious resources?

Posted By: Mike

Posted On: 3 days ago
Views: 146
Yes, this is good?

If you are self-interested, science is good because it improves humanity. If you are altruistic, humans are good because they advance science. Either way, humanity and science are on the same side ...until something more intelligent emerges. Then, promoting humanity opposes progress and vice versa. So, it comes down to what you consider to be important. I define myself by my intelligence, not by my flesh.

Posted By: Gregory Piatetsky, Editor

Posted On: 3 days ago
Views: 223
Yes, this is good?

Mike, unless you are a bot and not human, how "AI being a threat to humanity" can be good?

Posted By: Mike

Posted On: 3 days ago
Views: 229
missing option

I wish "Yes" could be divided into "A. Yes, and that is bad" and "B. Yes, and that is good". I lean toward B, but voted "No" to avoid supporting A.

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