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Do you support Trump Immigration Ban ( Executive Order 13769 'Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States' aka 'A Muslim Ban') [941 votes total]

Strongly support (125)
Somewhat support (66)
Not sure (45)
Somewhat against (68)
Strongly against (637)

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Posted By: RonH

Posted On: February 17th
Views: 481
aka "A Muslim Ban"

The main stream media portray it as a muslim ban but the language in the executive order is targeted at countries that have been identified as sources of terrorism and lacking government control to properly vet potential immigrants and refugees.

Posted By: Florian

Posted On: February 16th
Views: 719
How does this distribute?

It would be amazing to see how the people who gave those answers would distribute over countries and states! Possible?


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