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Of the following possible opinions regarding the recent announcement about MUSIK, the Pet Shop Boys upcoming new "cabaret show" collaboration with Jonathan Harvey and Frances Barber, with which ones do you agree? (Please select all that apply.) [942 votes total]

Total voter count (387)
While I have no strong feelings about this particular endeavor, I'm in favor of anything that means new Tennant-Lowe music. (142)
It's a good thing if they release the new songs to the general public in some way (either PSB demos or recording of the show itself), but otherwise it doesn't much matter to me. (90)
If it's something that helps give Chris and Neil more fulfillment as artists, then our opinions really shouldn't matter very much. (85)
I think it sounds marvelous in every way, and I'm excited about it! (73)
I have no strong feelings about it one way or the other. (45)
I'm unable or unwilling to travel long distances to see such shows, and if the past is any indication, it's not likely that this will be filmed for release to the public worldwide. This always makes me feel "left out," so I'm not at all enthusiastic about (44)
It sounds a little too "campy" for my tastes. (30)
I wish Neil and Chris would stop doing these "theatrical" things and just focus on new pop music. (29)
I'm not opposed to Chris and Neil engaging in "outside" endeavors, but this strikes me as a particularly ill-advised one. I think it's a bad idea. (13)
I have a very different opinion from (or in addition to) any of those listed above. (4)

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