This Week's PSB Survey
Have you ever seen a performance of the Pet Shop Boys' ballet "The Most Incredible Thing"? (If you already have tickets for one of the upcoming performances in Charlotte, NC, please count that as having already seen it for the purposes of this survey.) [0 votes total]

I've never seen it "live," in-person, but I have watched a video/film of it in its entirety. (0)
Yes, I've seen one or more performances of it "live" in-person. (0)
No, I've never seen any of it at all. (0)
I've only seen very brief excerpts less than a minute in length. (0)
I've never seen it in its entirety either live or filmed, but I've seen substantial portions of it (more than just brief segments up to minute in length, such as on YouTube or on TV commercials). (0)

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