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One of my site visitors believes that during the opening seconds of the Pet Shop Boys song "Happiness," Neil is of course the one who first spells out "H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S." But he believes that immediately afterward, it's *Chris* who spells it out the second time. I've never read anything about this anywhere else, either within or outside the PSB camp. So I'm wondering what *you* think? Do you believe it's Chris who spells out "happiness" the second time during the opening moments of the song? [234 votes total]

No, I don't think it's Chris. I believe it's still Neil. (125)
Yes, I do believe it's Chris who spells out "happiness" the second time! (43)
Despite my familiarity with the song, I'm undecided -- I'm just not very sure about it. (42)
I'm not familiar enough with the song to have an opinion about this. (24)

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Neil and/or Chris2159Taren Capel13 days ago
Yes...but...0127Gabby13 days ago
I cannot listen...4185Martijn13 days ago
CHRIS2157JosieDecember 3rd
Digital manipulation. Listen also at 1.351180Andrew ShawDecember 3rd
See...4176Robert SchulzDecember 3rd
No1148FrankDecember 3rd
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