This Week's PSB Survey
Should the Pet Shop Boys ever release a "Disco 5"? [984 votes total]

Total voter count (411)
Yes, absolutely! (198)
If it consists of new (never previously released) extended mixes of classic hit PSB songs that don't stray "too far" from the originals (97)
If it consists of mixes by Chris and Neil of their own songs (86)
If it consists of mixes of non-single PSB songs that have never previously been remixed (74)
No, absolutely not! (35)
If it consists of new mixes by Neil and Chris of other artists' songs (25)
If it consists of previously "unofficial" fan mixes that the Boys have judged to be especially good (23)
If it consists of previously released "classic" remixes (their all-time most popular and/or own all-time favorites) (20)
If it consists of tracks determined by some other criterion not listed here (15)

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Grammar3141EW99June 20th
Yes, absolutely! Unless....6216EW99June 19th
Di5co0102JumbotrousersJune 18th
Unreleased songs0116Fredrik ErlandssonJune 17th
Old vinyl only mixes0100retrofuturistJune 17th
Absolutely Not1164JonJune 17th
My disco 52178srpsbJune 17th
Pandemonium0150somdigitalJune 17th
Songs For Others0160MichaelJune 16th
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