This Week's PSB Survey
When was the last time that you "evangelized" for the Pet Shop Boys -- in other words, actively tried to convince one or more non-fans of how good they are or perhaps even convert them into fans themselves? (If you're not sure, please take your best guess.) [339 votes total]

Within the past year (76)
I've *never* actually tried to convince someone else of how good they are or to convert them into fans! (64)
Within the past 5 years (48)
Within the past month (46)
More than 10 years ago (40)
Within the past week (36)
Earlier today, in fact! (17)
Within the past 10 years (12)

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no, they are not just a gay band...182Mark B9 days ago
Being Boring293Eilka10 days ago
My interpretation:2124Robert Schulz12 days ago
At my retirement celebration5169Alan12 days ago
Go West0113Mika H12 days ago
Dragging folks along..!3166Dan J12 days ago
Behaviour0143Retrofuturist12 days ago
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