This Week's PSB Survey
Bilingual is the only Pet Shop Boys album to date with a predominantly Latin American influence overall. Which of the following statements comes closest to expressing how you feel about the prospect of them recording another "Latin" album at some point? [332 votes total]

No, I think they should stay away from albums with a single geographically or culturally based musical style. (95)
I wouldn't mind if they put a few Latin songs on an upcoming album, but I wouldn't want that musical style to dominate the album overall. (80)
I could take it or leave it. I have no strong feelings about it, either way. (65)
No -- been there, done that, shouldn't do it again. But I wouldn't mind it if they were t record an album with a different geographically or culturally based style, such as East Asian, Middle Eastern, or African. (41)
Yes, I would love for them to put out another predominantly Latin album! (32)
I have very mixed feelings about it. (19)

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