This Week's PSB Survey
Do you tend to prefer for Pet Shop Boys songs to end with fadeouts (such as "Love Comes Quickly" and "Se A Vida E") or with cold/hard endings (such as "Can You Forgive Her?" and "Hey, Headmaster")? [364 votes total]

I tend to prefer cold/hard endings. (145)
It depends on the song. (135)
It doesn't make much of any difference to me. (62)
I tend to prefer fadeouts. (22)

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Factory Records - 99 Records198Bill Bahlman3 days ago
Say It To Me1127Lucumu8514 days ago
Wayne's Quatrains1149Zazou5 days ago
It depends, but I love turning up a fadeout!1121Andrew Shaw5 days ago
"Easter Eggs"6231Steve5 days ago
Spooky5181Gabby5 days ago
Fundamental / Fadeouts1181Dan J5 days ago
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