This Week's PSB Survey
Which of the following statements comes closest to expressing your *current* feelings -- not your feelings twenty years ago, ten years ago, or even a year or two ago, but your feelings right now -- about exposing yourself to, listening to, and possibly becoming a fan of "new music" (that is, music by artists that you're not already quite familiar with)? [242 votes total]

I'm fairly open to "new music" and will listen if the opportunity conveniently presents itself, but I don't actively seek it out. (79)
I'm extremely interested in "new music," and I actively seek it out. (70)
I'm occasionally open to "new music" if there's something about it that links it to music I'm already devoted to, but otherwise I'm generally not very interested in it. (64)
I know what I like and I like what I know. I'm really not at all interested in "new music." (19)
I find it difficult to generalize about the subject of "new music" and my own feelings about it and/or relationship with it. (10)
I have an opinion very different from any of those expressed above. (0)

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