My Current PSB Survey
The Pet Shop Boys' upcoming Dreamworld Tour is subtitled "The Greatest Hits Live." Which of the following statements comes closest to expressing how you feel about them playing a "greatest hits tour"? [497 votes total]

It really doesn't matter to me. I'm just pleased they're heading out on tour again, whatever form the show takes. (115)
I think it's fantastic! A live PSB show with nothing but hits will probably be one of the best shows ever! (101)
I'm disappointed. I love hearing non-hits like album tracks and b-sides live, so this show may not be as much to my liking. (95)
I have mixed feelings about it. Some things I like about it, but I also have some reservations. (78)
It's probably just a marketing gimmick. I suspect the show will still feature a number of non-hits, such as selections from their new album and other non-singles. (61)
It doesn't matter to me because I almost certainly won't be attending any of the live shows, anyway. (40)
I have a very different opinion from any of those expressed above. (7)
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