This Week's PSB Survey
Would you like for the Pet Shop Boys to record and release a "collaborations" album, in which each track is a collaboration with various other artists? Which of the following statements comes closest to expressing how you feel about this idea? [312 votes total]

Yes, as long as it's all-new material written or at least co-written by the Boys. (84)
Well, it depends on the artists with whom they decide to collaborate. (67)
No, I don't want that at all! (50)
Yes, and I wouldn't mind if the material weren't written by PSB as long as it's all new. (40)
Yes, and I wouldn't mind if it were to consist largely or even entirely of covers of old songs (their own and/or others'). (40)
I really don't care about this one way or the other. (22)
I have a very different opinion about this from any of those expressed above. (9)
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Absolutely not5136Dave F7 days ago
Make It Happen1104Mark7 days ago
Whatever you do you!193Robert Schulz7 days ago
Wouldn't it be cool....3146Depeche Boys7 days ago
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