This Week's PSB Survey
What is your favorite Pet Shop Boys-written song dealing with the subject of lost love? [455 votes total]

The Way It Used to Be (150)
Love Is a Bourgeois Construct (45)
I Made My Excuses and Left (44)
Leaving (44)
To Face the Truth (43)
Hit and Miss (24)
Was That What It Was? (18)
King of Rome (18)
Love Is a Catastrophe (14)
I Get Along (13)
You Choose (12)
One in a Million (12)
That's My Impression (10)
Some other song not listed here (6)
No More Ballads (2)

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TopicRepliesViewsStarted ByDate
I Get Along056AmitSeptember 2nd
Spotify4153James BAugust 31st
Love Is a Bourgeois Construct1107Toaster in the BathAugust 30th
PSB net worth3144James BAugust 28th
To face the truth2145AlanAugust 27th
And again...2142Robert SchulzAugust 27th
Easily King of Rome2127Jack from LAAugust 26th
Torn!0124JohanAugust 26th
For all of us1172MarcRAugust 26th
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