My Current PSB Survey
The following songs were "given" by the Pet Shop Boys to another artist to record (in some but not all cases, also produced by Neil and Chris), but have also been officially released in versions by the Boys themselves. For which of the following songs do you personally prefer the version by the other artist to the PSB version? [1543 votes total]

Total voter count (369)
Nothing Has Been Proved (by Dusty Springfield) (186)
In Private (by Dusty Springfield) (167)
So Sorry, I Said (by Liza Minnelli) (139)
The Loving Kind (by Girls Aloud) (115)
The Performance of My Life (by Shirley Bassey) (90)
I'm Not Scared (by Eighth Wonder) (87)
Listening (by Morten Harket) (58)
Confidential (by Tina Turner) (54)
Jack and Jill Party (by Pete Burns) (54)
Run Girl Run! (by Frances Barber) (47)
Falling (by Kylie Minogue) (37)
Positive Role Model (by Paul Keating of the Closer to Heaven original cast) (33)
I don't prefer the other artist's version of ANY of these songs! (32)
Love Life (by Alcazar) (31)
Baby (by Alcazar) (24)
For All of Us (by Paul Keating of the Closer to Heaven original cast) (20)

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