This Week's PSB Survey
In your opinion, which of the following statements comes closest to describing the importance of visual style or design (as opposed to more "musical" factors) to the success of the Pet Shop Boys? [329 votes total]

It's been a significant defining characteristic for them, but I wouldn't say it's been a critical factor in their success. (163)
It's been an absolutely critical factor in their success throughout their career. (85)
It was important for the first half or so of their career, but not so much in more recent years. (47)
It was very important at the start of their career, helping to set them apart and gain attention, but hasn't been very important ever since. (13)
It really hasn't been of very much importance at all. (12)
It wasn't very important early in their career, but has been much more important in recent years. (4)
I'm not sure or I really don't have much of an opinion about this. (4)
I have an opinion very different from any of those described above. (1)

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The question is:086Robert SchulzJune 12th
It's been an absolutely critical factor.5241Toaster in the BathJune 10th
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