Renee's corner
If your significant other would agree to a match with another female what type of match would you want her to be in...? [4530 votes total]

rules catfight (no biting, scratching to the face etc.) (1039)
no rules catfight (anything goes) (1103)
submission wrestling match (no hairpulling, slapping etc.) (447)
oil or other messy substance wrestling (162)
pre arranged fantasy catfight (with hairpulling, light slapping, cursing etc.) (335)
more of an erotic style catfight (not really fighting at all but making out) (253)
boxing with gloves (229)
hairpulling and slapping only (296)
breast match (317)
bare knuckle boxing (220)
specific hold contest (scissors, bearhugs, etc.) (129)

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my wife vs. Renee or Tia01582TonicFeb 3, 2011
The Catfight Haven