Lucy at her Best
As Lucy Lawless enters her 35th year, which of her non-XENA roles impressed you most? [216 votes total]

Lysia in "Hercules and the Amazon Women". She even got to sleep with Zeus! (17)
The truck driver in "Peach". Only a few lines, but probably her most infamous role (14)
Shannon McMahon in "The X Files". Only 2 episodes, but Lucy's first post-XENA job. (61)
As Lucy Lawless in "The Simpsons". Only her voice, and her XENA voice at that but very cool (26)
As Lyla, the centaur's girlfriend on "Hercules". Lucy got to snog Kevin Sorbo and also poison him. Which would YOU rather do....? (17)
As Herself in US sitcom "Something So Right". Vaguely funny (4)
As a prostitute in "Just Shoot Me" - which was how I felt after watching this lame sitcom. (27)
Presenter on the NZ "Holiday" Show. OK, so not acting, but lots of different settings, and Lucy as herself... (7)
As Sarah McFee in "The Black Stallion". OK, so probably no one has seen it, but I quite enjoyed it. She was a bit nasty too.... (5)
As Rizzo in the Broadway production of "Grease"...a stage role that was apparently very good. Wish I'd seen it.. (38)

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