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What do you think Link should do in the next Zelda game? [427 votes total]

Rescue Zelda like he always does (41)
Go on strike because the game is not named after him (35)
Get tired of Zelda and go find a new girlfriend (35)
Tell his gang to put Ganondorf "out of business" (16)
Not let Zelda go out of her room without her 30 bodyguards (19)
Finally marry the damn girl so that he can keep an eye on her (79)
Tear out his hair and say to Ganondorf, "You can keep her" (26)
Pokes Ganondorf until he dies (25)
Buy a sword so big that even Ganondorf will be intimidated (22)
Go crazy and destroy the world (70)
Get the owl that randomly appears to go away (38)
Other (Please specify) (21)

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Evil0592choMay 19, 2002
Other: me specifying it1596AmaranthinusMay 12, 2002
Other: Get the Triforce. nt2612RoguePaladinTrianMay 8, 2002
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