Momentous XENA events....
So many BIG changed happened to Xena and Gabrielle over the 6 years of the show. Which momentous event was your favourite? [347 votes total]

Gabrielle losing her blood innocence in The Deliverer (31)
Xena killing Callisto in Sacrifice 2 (19)
Gabrielle getting her new short haircut in Between the Lines (42)
Xena's pregnancy and the birth of baby Eve in Season 5 (27)
Gabrielle becoming Amazon Royalty in Hooves and Harlots (25)
Xena's death in A Friend in Need 2 (44)
The 25 year sleep resulting in grown up Eve and the disappearance of most other non-immortals. (18)
Xena's God-killing powers and the Twilight of the Gods (22)
Callisto becoming pure and sweet in Fallen Angel (16)
The death of Joxer in Livia (10)
Ares becoming mortal in Motherhood and beyond (17)
Gabrielle's wedding and subsequent widowhood in Return of Callisto (15)
The Gabdrag! (27)
The birth of Hope in Season 3 and the following "rift" episodes (34)

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