RPG Classics Poll
Best "Limit" type? [401 votes total]

Single attack at random when critical (FF VI) (38)
Different attacks different levels, requires a full limit bar (FF VII) (145)
Randomly occurs when critical, requires button input (FF VIII) (23)
Character model change, requries a full hard-to-fill bar (FF IX) (45)
Different attacks at different levels, requires a full limit bar plus button input (FF X) (66)
Slightly stronger than regular limit, requires an easy-to-fill limit bar, one-time until the bar is filled again (SoM, LoM) (31)
Extra chance of powerful hit when critical (BoF II) (2)
Characters goes into a different mode with more power when other characters are critical (SO I, SO II) (13)
Limit breaks are cheap! (27)
Other (Please specify) (11)

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TopicRepliesViewsStarted ByDate
Final Fantasy IX the best0336CecilJun 4, 2002
I liked Legend of Mana's limit style the best1367Gila MonsterJun 2, 2002
What about Lufia 2?2419GWRJun 1, 2002
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