RPG Classics Poll
Final Fantasy Unlimited? [216 votes total]

It's great and original! (32)
They should not use the Demon Gun sequence at least once every episode. (20)
Kaze is cool. As for the other characters... *evil glare* (4)
Lisa is hot. As for the other characters... *evil glare* (8)
The Chocobo is funny. As for the other characters... *evil glare* (10)
Drawings are a bit oo childish for me. (4)
I stopped after they got into all those creep weird scary things. (1)
I hate it! Grr! (7)
Final Fantasy what? (105)
Final what in the what? (11)
Other (Please specify) (14)

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Final Fantasy Unlimited1616Master FarukJun 16, 2002
Power...ranger...flashbacks...AGH!0343Tenchimaru DraconisJun 11, 2002
What is this?3386CecilJun 10, 2002
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