RPG Classics Poll
What do you think represents a stereotypical RPG the most? [429 votes total]

Obnoxiously goody-two-shoes hero (40)
Mage who doesn't talk much throughout the whole game (10)
Silent guy who has a dark and mysterious past (55)
Evil villian who wants to rule/destroy the world (147)
Going on quests to find the 4/6/8/12 mystical crystals/weapons/runes/talismen (86)
Helping people on the way who then inexplicably risk their lives to join your party (33)
Swords! I mean... yeah! Swords! (44)
Other(Please Specify) (14)

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what about the damsel in distress?2402KaiserJun 21, 2002
Revived ancient evils?3384Mr Plus SignJun 20, 2002
I like swords!4388My little pony. Wait, i mean tenchimaru draconis!Jun 19, 2002
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