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What are your thoughts on the merging of Squaresoft and Enix? [323 votes total]

Greatest thing to happen in RPG history! (64)
It's good, but wouldn't call it the greatest thing (30)
Don't care, as long as the FF's and DQ's keep coming (44)
Don't care, as long as they still produce good games (110)
They should stay their seperate ways (17)
Merging!? Since when!? (24)
The world is ending! Ahhhhh! (29)
Other (Please Specify) (5)

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Let's be realistic2560Stormy FairweatherJan 11, 2003
what about squaresoft and enix america?1604stickJan 7, 2003
This could be great!!8659TimTheWarrior777Jan 5, 2003
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