Space Shuttle Columbia - Why did it fail?
What brought down the Space Shuttle Columbia? [366 votes total]

Osama bin Laden was paid by Saddam Hussein to bring down the Space Shuttle Columbia. (11)
Ariel Sharon brought down the Space Shuttle Columbia to give the USA an excuse to attack Iraq. (18)
The Office of Homeland Security did it. (9)
Bobby Fischer, whose father invented the A-Bomb, did it. (9)
The Redman Gang of Four from their Hide-out at the University of Texas at Dallas did it as part of their plot to retake control of the United States Chess Federation. (4)
Lee Harvey Oswald, still alive and well in his Dallas hide-out, acted alone. (20)
God did it. This is the first phase of the Battle of Battle of Armageddon as predicted Bible and the Book of Revelation, chapters 16-21. (22)
The Devil did it. (14)
W. did it, to increase his popularity and improve his chances for re-election. (31)
A few loose tiles flew off of the left wing, causing the Space Shuttle Columbia to Burn Up. (228)

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