First Date
Worst thing to hear on a first date. [1387 votes total]

This is my first date ...ever. Actually it's my first time outside. (66)
My mom will be here soon with a measuring tape. (87)
I own... (Holds up fork.) this now...(Puts fork in pocket)... repeat with every thing on the table. (93)
Want to see my rash? Actually (219)
Food fight!! (14)
I don't like leaving my pet bugs at home alone. So I don't. (42)
My boyfriend is crazy insanely jealous. (221)
It's great having non-prison food for once. (78)
I like your apartment. I was in it earlier today while you were out. (345)
I refuse to participate in this stupid poll... (222)

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the insane boyfriend0821sillylillyJun 9, 2003
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Poll Sucks3898Todd E. 2ndFeb 26, 2003
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