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Did you like the cell shading done in Wind Waker? [263 votes total]

Yes (176)
No (87)

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Posted By: Hiryuu

Posted On: Aug 9, 2003
Views: 2665
No Question About It...

Wind Waker's graphical style is much better than say...Ocarina of Time's.

It's just not right seeing Zelda look realistic. It's always traditionally been a very cartoony looking series (with the exceptions of the N64 games and possibly AoL).

Posted By: Green_Mage

Posted On: Aug 5, 2003
Views: 2791
Liked it

Nintendo may have jumped on the Cell-Shaded bandwagon, but at least they did a decent job with it.

Posted By: Shizukana Wolf

Posted On: Aug 4, 2003
Views: 2812
No like...

We go from a more serious looking Link, to this Parappa the Rapper lookin' reject hehe. Oh well.. you play 'cause you like the characters/story/gameplay...

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