Favorite Album
What is your favorite "Dave Era" Van Halen Album? (results will be used for song choices in future shows....choose all that apply) [410 votes total]

Van Halen (104)
Van Halen II (57)
Women and Children First (43)
Fair Warning (122)
Diver Down (27)
1984 (57)

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Posted By: Rogan

Posted On: Apr 8, 2004
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No other band compares

There is no, never was and never will be another band who can kick-ass so awesomely as the original VH!!!!!!
I pray daily for their reunion. America is waiting for it. No other rock-band reunion could ever even come close--no doubts.
Anyone remember how the crowd reacted at the MTV music awards when they announced their comeback with Diamond Dave? The crowd was insane!!!!!!
If only...

Posted By: Carol

Posted On: Mar 23, 2004
Views: 2443
Woman & Children First

This Albuum ROCKS!!!!!!! My favorite song by VanHalen is TAKE YOUR WHISKEY HOME! the bass is so bad.......the drums are so kick ass! FOOLS!!!!!! I mean this album by far is the best. Then its VHII BOTTOMS UP!!!!!! come on?? I need not say any more!! VANHALEN w/ ROTH RULE!!!!!

Posted By: Mark Bowling

Posted On: Mar 19, 2004
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Favorite Van Halen album

Fair Warning by far is the best Dave era Van Halen album. Every song fron begining to end is simply amazing. From Mean Streets to One foot out the door, I think this album could be ranked easily in the top ten Rock albums of all time. This was by far when they were at the top of their game. Excellent Album!!!

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