RPG Classics Poll
When did online RPG fandom lose its interest for you? [164 votes total]

Hasn't yet. (77)
When Thor Antrim left RPGamer. (5)
When Rast stopped running RPGClassics. (4)
When The GIA closed. (6)
When RPG Classics was brought down by hackers 85000 times in one week. (13)
When RPG sites started sporting professional-looking designs and having domain names instead of being atrocious-looking messes on Geocities. (5)
When the RPGs themselves lost interest. *big long rant about how all new games suck compared to all old ones regardless of anything* (39)
Other (Please specify) (15)

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Posted By: Ryujin

Posted On: Aug 29, 2003
Views: 1644

Well because once they start charging from a free mmorpg. I can't pay every month. I don't even have a job yet.

Posted By: ThatBardyGuy

Posted On: Aug 28, 2003
Views: 1668

Normal RPGs will never lose interest to me. But Online RPGs never really held any interest to me. Sure, I tried some free ones, but they generally were all bad and not interesting

Posted By: Lord Anonymous

Posted On: Aug 27, 2003
Views: 1695
I said other

I said other because I do not consider myself a fan of RPG. More like a afficcionado or a connaisseur

(exactly the same things. It just sounds better)