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Do you remember Sephiroth no Oukoku (Sno)? [198 votes total]

Yes (33)
What? (165)

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Posted By: Sephiroth Katana

Posted On: Aug 28, 2003
Views: 1558
Whoever ran it took it down.

The person in charge got tired of the whole thing and let it die. Then that person made another site, dedicated to Chrono Cross, that never had half the popularity of Sno. But that site is down now as well. The maintainer's newest site is at http://kou-net.org/.

Posted By: Skankin' Garbage

Posted On: Aug 24, 2003
Views: 1671
I remember...

I remember it vaguely. I never knew a lot about it, but I visited it once or twice a long time ago. What ever happened to it?