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Do you believe that lottery games unfairly target the poor? [945 votes total]

Yes (271)
No (632)
Undecided (41)

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Posted By: c*los

Posted On: Jun 1, 2006
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targeting poor that play lotteries

There are people who are nosie about certain low income minorities. These are the same people who want to tell every one how to live, they are trying to baby sit adults. If these of low income ststus want to take chances gambling they will do so even if they have to go out of state. These liberals are the ones who jump at anything they think is a nobil cause. They attack tobacco products while sitting back in their bars downing six or seven night caps of alcohol,then get in their cars and drive home if they are lucky. This life is made of choices good or bad I think each individuals should have the right to his or her choices with out some ones hand in their wallets.

Posted By: Nunya

Posted On: May 21, 2006
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Must not be the only one

Nosey must not be the only one to not like the new numbers or letter format. You have not had one comment since the 6th of May. I just made this comment to bring it to your attention.

Posted By: Nosey

Posted On: May 6, 2006
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Don't like the scrambled numbers

So what now? I guess you have figured out a way to find out who the comments are coming from with the new scrambled letters or numbers format. I don't like it. You just need to let people comment without you needing to know who and where the comment comes from. But I should have known, it would not have been long before the Government had to pry in that part of our lives also.

Posted By: You're wrong

Posted On: May 6, 2006
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I am very sorry Scott, but you will have to point out where in the Bible it says gambling is a sin. You can't, because it does not say gambling is a sin anywhere in the Bible. So, that means you are just wrong.

Posted By: x-off

Posted On: Apr 25, 2006
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to play or not to play

Lotteries do not purposely target the poor. It provides a pipe dream of rags to riches. The government sanctions this type of gambling because they collect almost half of the revenue. If the money is being used to provide better schools and education, then it is good thing. On the other hand, if the money taken in goes to other things; highway projects, park upgrades and upkeep, and other thing we know the local and state governments will use the revenue for it is a travesty. Poor people buy the majority of tickets sold. They have free will and make their own decision. I grew up well below the poverty line and have learned as a person betters themselves, they do not believe in the dreams of hitting the lotto. I have more disposable income and I pay twenty dollars a month. People have to discipline themselves according. I you want to play, then play!!!

Posted By: Joe

Posted On: Apr 25, 2006
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Lottery target

The lottery targets all of us. It is just another method for the government to tax the people, giving a false hope for riches. Taxation is the only thing the government knows how to do well.

Posted By: Earnest

Posted On: Apr 23, 2006
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I think that the lottery is to won by anyone who plays, But thats the real world answer. the reality is that most all big powerball winners are rich and from the northern parts of the country. so its hard to believe that its a chance. I think there is some jiggling with the numbers

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Apr 20, 2006
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Yes, it targets the poor, but gambling is a sin, no matter who does it. It's a shame that our government sanctions and encourages such. When America is judged, no one should be surprised.

Posted By: Press McCallum

Posted On: Apr 20, 2006
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Targeting the poor

Yes the lottery targets the poor. The makers of the lottery know,that the poor, by human nature,are the ones who likely will always be poor, always dream of being or wish they were rich, and thus are more likely to take a chance of spending a few dollars to win,(no matter the odds) more money than they could ever expect to earn. Thus, Blacks, being the majority poor, spend far more per capital on the lottery than do Whites. However, it should be noted that the majority by far who win the jackpots are Whites, not by luck, but by design. Notice the location and race of almost all of the big winners.


Posted On: Apr 18, 2006
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