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Would you like to see more .hack-like games that simulate MMORPGs? [126 votes total]

Yes (88)
No (38)

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Posted By: Snake Eyez

Posted On: Oct 29, 2003
Views: 1962

Yeah, if .Hack were a real MMORPG, I'd be on it every freaking minute of every freaking day. That would be awesome beyond words. Seriously.

Posted By: Piros

Posted On: Oct 20, 2003
Views: 1707
no more simulated MMORPG

it should be a real MMORPG

Posted By: DrSeuss

Posted On: Sep 11, 2003
Views: 1775
RPGamers today......you should be ashamed!

I think the whole idea of a single player MMORPG is ludicrous! The concept of going into a dungeon, killing, then going back to the same town to prepare for another killing spree isn't really fun during multiplayer and completly ridiculous during singleplayer. How is it original? MMORPGs have been around long enough, so have single player versions of the genre. Just because the plot is actually based around the fact that it is a MMORPG doesn't make it any more unique, and seems stupid to me. How is it fun? There is nothing to do in this game. Kill, get treasure, kill. Sure this is the basic idea behind most RPGs, but the way they execute it is just as dull as any other randomly generated dungeon-type RPG. And let's not even talk about the sequels. If this were a real MMORPG on the PC these so-called sequels would barely count as expansions! How can you people play the same game time after time? How can you buy into this marketing scheme?? The *only* saving grace this craptastic adventure has is the anime series. Which is only mediocre, and really confusing at times. If this game were to go online people would be screaming "PSO clone!"

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