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Who had the best hair at the 2017 Emmy Awards? [8 votes total]

Alexis Biedel (1)
Laura Dern (0)
Allison Janney (1)
Rashida Jones (3)
Kaitlin Olson (1)
Other (leave a comment) (2)

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Posted By: Kramer

Posted On: 2 days ago
Views: 11
Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet.

Posted By: Gord

Posted On: 2 days ago
Views: 16
Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda showed how longer hair and bangs can make one look younger.Nice surprise.

Posted By: Hal 900

Posted On: 3 days ago
Views: 31

if that's the best from last night, it was a horrible night for stylists!

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