RPG Classics Poll
What kind of item carrying and storage do you most like in RPGs? [371 votes total]

Limited carry and storage (FF II) (18)
Limited carry, unlimited storage (FF IV) (113)
Unlimited carry (FF VIII) (171)
Slot carry (Pokemon) (16)
Limited carry only (Tales of Phantasia) (38)
Other (Please specify) (15)

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Posted By: Pikey

Posted On: Oct 30, 2004
Views: 1941
item storage

Yeah i like that way were u can carry more as you level up, although it has been used in a lot of games, more D&D ones though which i dont like so much.

Posted By: level_up_for_love

Posted On: Oct 17, 2003
Views: 2123
Re: items to carry

within realistic capacity, I would recommend for each lone adventurer...

Two swords of different elements (the strongest 2-handed sword and the strongest 1-handed sword preferably)

Note: if it is an action RPG, scrap the 2-handed sword and get the strongest crossbow or boomerang

The TWO best non-elemental small shields in the game, carry the one to battle and wear the other on your back (not possible in RPGs, but they should make it possible)

The best light armour in the game (because heavy armour has "hit me first, I'm slow" written on them).

The "Sakura boots of -10 foot odor"

The "Samurai Gloves of +5 antiperspirant"

The "Hairspray of ultimate spikiness"

"Teen angst volume 1, the guide to"

2 Wily beer (for MP)

9 Secret of Mana's Honey, by far the most pleasant healing item available

Posted By: level_up_for_love

Posted On: Oct 17, 2003
Views: 2124
Diablo/Mana style

I would vote for either the Diablo/Nox
school-of-severe-space-limitation, and/or the Mana's this-is-my-item-not-yours style (even better illustrated in japanese strategy games)

But I had to vote for Pokemon because that's the closest thing... the pain...

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