Who is the strongest character in the series/manga? [161 votes total]

Himura Kenshin (61)
Hajime Saitou (14)
Sagara Sanosuke (13)
Shinomori Aoshi (6)
Makoto Shishio (16)
Seta Soujiro (17)
Seijuro Hiko (26)
Udou Jinei (2)
Yukishiro Enishi (6)

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Posted By: Scarred Sword Heart

Posted On: Apr 15, 2007
Views: 822

Hiko beat Fuji easily because Fuji wasn't using Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. The only one who can beat a Hiten master in a fight is one who wields an equally powerful sword style, like Watoujutsu.

Posted By: Aditya

Posted On: Mar 10, 2004
Views: 955
hajime saito

Let me start off, saying that Kenshin and Saito are almost equally powerful. The fact remains that Kenshin has a larger variety of attacks to choose from. Saito on the other hand has 4 and uses them so well that he is the only one with whom kenshin has fought and drawn with twice...
Saito is much stronger than Hiko as well, they didn't battle, but Saito has more speed than both kenshin and Hiko as we find out when He and Kenshin fight in the dojo, he manages to stab kenshin, before kenshin hurts him. And even after he became battousai he managed to make Saito receive minor injuries compared to kenshin, and Kenshin HAS defeated Hiko...

Posted By: Segablue

Posted On: Dec 29, 2003
Views: 978

Didn't you see Hiko whoop Fuji? Fuji was wayy bigger than him but he was still weaker.